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No additional advertising or marketing was initiated for Planet Massage to generate this increase in sales.  This is purely from using WaveReview.
The above numbers and testimonials speak for themselves and we think you will agree the ROI and customer satisfaction speaks volume of our application. 
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Double Your Positive Reviews in 30 Days
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How Planet Massage Increased Reviews by 400%!

You’ve heard all about the importance of having positive reviews on social media sites like Google+, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Spafinder
You’ve heard how a strong ranking is among the biggest drivers of new customer bookings -- even ahead of word of mouth, referrals, and paid advertising.
And you may even know that studies reveal that 93% of people find reviews important for determining which merchants they buy from.
Question is...
If online reviews are so critical to growing profits and increasing new bookings, how do you actually encourage your customers to leave positive reviews?
Well, there’s actually...

Here's what other MindBody customers have to say about WaveReview...

Watch this short video to learn how WaveReview can transform your business’s online reputation.

Just imagine what a 10x increase in positive reviews on sites like Google + and Yelp could do for your business!

WaveReview takes only minutes to implement.  With our 30-Day Free Trial Offer for MindBody and Spa Booker users, you can try it entirely risk free. 

WaveReview is a critical part of our business for a few reasons. It has saved us time by completely automating the process of requesting reviews from customers. The WaveReview dashboard also allows me to easily and proactively follow up with customers who had a neutral or negative experience and address their concerns before they go on to post a review on social review sites. Ultimately, WaveReview allows us to foster a stronger relationship with our clients which leads to greater customer loyalty, more word of mouth referrals and more positive reviews on social review sites like Google+ and Yelp, which are the biggest drivers of new customers for us.

- Mary Jo Majerus Owner, Healing Touch Spa, Minnesota

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A Simple, 2-Step Process to Getting More Positive Reviews
(And a Whole Lot More New Bookings)

Here’s how it works:

1) Send a thank you to your customers and ask them to complete a two question survey.

 2) Follow-up and prompt those customers to share their positive feedback to Google+, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and other review sites.

 Now, you can do this manually... sending 2-5 personalized emails to each and every customer. (This can easily be a full time job in and of itself.)

 Or, you could have it done automatically with a service like WaveReview.

WaveReview is an online marketing platform that lets you effortlessly request customer feedback, respond to any complaints, and push positive comments to social review websites like Google+ and others. Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes a day to manage your online reputation.

 Here’s how it worked for one of our clients...

How Planet Massage Increased Reviews by 400%!


Planet Massage is a leading urban oasis and wellness center in the heart of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Mark and his team specializein pain & stress solutions, deep tissue, medical massage, relaxation massage, reflexology, foot massage and morewith mobile service available. Planet Massage has hundreds of loyal customers and continues to expand.

The Challenge

To substantially increase the number of Planet Massage customers posting reviews on Google + and TripAdvisorwhich, in turn, would generate more booking and more sales.

What We Did

Planet Massage decided to rely on WaveReview’s platform to automatically solicit guest feedback and to turn positive responses into reviews.

Increased Positive Reviews

The Results

Before using WaveReview

Reviews: Planet Massage had 10 reviews on Google before turning on WaveReview. They were getting less than 2 reviews/month on average.

Conversion Rate: Only 1%* of customers were posting reviews on social review sites like Google + and Yelp!

After using WaveReview: 6 month analysis

Reviews: Planet Massage had 10 reviews on Google before turning on WaveReview. They were getting less than 2 reviews/month on average.

Reviews: Planet Massage has a total of 48 reviews on Google + at the time of this publication.

Conversion Rate: After 3 months of turning on WaveReview, conversion rate climbed to 10%. After 6 months, conversion rate climbed to 20%. Planet Massage now receives approximetely 10 reviews per month on social review sites

The number of customers that clicked through to Google + increased from 15/month after the first month to 90/month in month six. This represents an increase of 500% in six months!

Reviews posted to TripAdvisor saw an increase of 50% per month!

Increased Bookings

Once Planet Massage activated WaveReview, they started receiving more positive reviews on social network sites like Google+. As a result, Planet Massage saw a 20% increase in bookings over the six month period.

Below is a snapshot of bookings from August 1, 2013 to Jan 31, 2014. As mentioned earlier, clicks to Google+ increased by 500%. This led to an increase in customer bookings and a 20% increase in revenue over the six month term.

Solid Return on Investment

In other words, since Mark turned on WaveReview for his business, he has seen an 350% increase in ROI!

WaveReview Helps You Generate Positive Reviews ... And More

Here’s a sampling of how you can use WaveReview to grow your business and deepen the relationship with your customers:

Retain Your Customers

WaveReview increases the frequency and effectiveness of customer interaction. Each customer receives a warm survey after you’ve already opened a dialog, therefore boosting the overall response rate.

Harness Your Online Influence

We make it easy for your customers to spread the word about your hotel. Build your online reputation by targeting your most supportive customers. Proactively reach out to them via our targeted and tracked automated emails, and assist them in spreading the positive news about your brand.

You’ll have access to detailed reports highlighting email surveys you send, number and type of responses received, number of those clicking through to review sites to post positive feedback, and even a direct link to those posts.

Verify Your Progress

Increase Engagement with Proven Email Templates

WaveReview is a results based service. We’re constantly analyzing, testing and improving. That means we know exactly how our customers are doing.

Our average open rates for emails are in the 55+% range. Our survey completion rates are 35%, while the industry standards remain in the single digits.

More importantly, our conversion rates to get people to click through and post their comments on review sites range from 7% on the low side, to 35% on the high side.

Test Out WaveReview for 30 Days ...Without Paying a Dime

Here at WaveReview we believe that any marketing strategy you adopt should be tracked and tested. And it’s only worth pursuing if it brings measurable results.

That’s why we’re letting you try out WaveReview for 30 days... free.

Give it 5 minutes a day for a month. Watch the number of positive reviews for your hotel jump. Track the increase in new bookings. Decide for yourself that it’s a worthwhile ROI.

And if for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not 100% satisfied with WaveReview, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked. No hassle.

Not satisfied with that?

OK – we’ll even guarantee you a risk free second 30 days where you can cancel during the second month and we’ll give your money back. That means you have 60 days to try WaveReview risk free. What’s more, you keep your reviews as they will stay on the social review site of your choice.

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